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The leather-bound tome felt strange under your callous fingers.

I see that you have picked up the Tome of Keltaar, a personal antiquity of mine. Oh no, no please. I’d like for you to read it. There are quite a lot of important things in this world, and not a lot of people have the time to see it all. So by all means, take this tome to the study and learn something new. Something tells me you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Placing the tome on the table, you peruse through the first leaflets. Strangely your mind wanders precisely to the page you sought.

Cities of Keltaar
Lore of Keltaar
Artifacts of Keltaar

Inklings of the setting sun cascade through the ancient library, signalling the end of day. Flipping back a page, you notice an unfamiliar piece of parchment that was not there earlier.

‘For centuries, countless souls that have looked upon these ancient bindings, and each one has stood the test of time. Now it is your turn, strange new friend. I have seen what you’ve seen, through your eyes, and now it is time for that story to be taken down, as all stories should be. Think, concentrate on this page. To permit my access to your story, simply mark down whatever comes to mind, and your story will appear exactly where it will remain for as long as I am here.’

You jot down some notes on the blank page…

Main Page

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