You clear your throat, catching the attention of the old man dusting the top of a low bookshelf.

Yes? Oh hello. Welcome to the Great Library of Eurides. Am I Eurides? No, my name is Errothes, son of Denothir, who coincidentally happens to be the son of Eurides. Not the Eurides that founded this library, he was named after his grandfather’s grandfather, Eurides I. But I digress. This is the Great Library, one of the few that have stood the test of time against all odds. It has seen all wars and housed both allies and enemies in its halls. Did you know the High King Eodus himself placed the keystone in the arch behind you? Not many knew that.

You had a question? Take your time, I’m in no rush. I’ll be here, tending to the books. If you’re looking for tales of the adventurers, the hero’s log is right behind that spiral staircase. Behind that I have some nice historian collections, including pieces from the personal journals of Byjorn the Cragfarer and Sur, though I’m not sure who taught that giant how to write in Common. They certainly didn’t do a fantastic job of teaching him either. . .

Anyway, the map room is upstairs, in the second room on the right. You will find maps from all ages of the land, but I’m afraid the contents are only of Keltaar. That’s the only land I’m concerned with when it comes to the Great Library, so that’s all you will find. If you want more about the faraway lands, then I suggest you find someone who has been there and ask them yourself!

Otherwise, if you’re looking for information on a person of interest, they are all recorded in the Book of Life. The one written by Eurides I, not the other one. Don’t get them confused either, nasty business that other book.

Lands of Keltaar

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